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Customized Non Standard Fasteners

Non-standard fasteners are not universal. Compared to standard screws, non-standard fasteners are custom-made for businesses or individuals. In other words, the same type of non-standard shaped fasteners may not be applicable to other products and industries. Standard parts are different, any industry, any product is applicable.

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Non-standard fasteners refer to fasteners that do not need to correspond to the standard, that is, fasteners that do not have strict standard specifications, can be freely controlled and matched, usually the customer puts forward specific requirements, fastener manufacturers based on these data and Information to manufacture. Generally, the manufacturing cost of non-standard fasteners is higher than that of standard fasteners

There are many types of non-standard fasteners, because of the characteristics of non-standard fasteners, it is difficult to have a standardized classification of non-standard fasteners. The big difference between standard fasteners and non-standard fasteners is whether there is standardization or not. The structure, size, drawing method, marking and other aspects of standard fasteners have strict specifications set. Common standard fasteners are threaded parts, keys, pins, rolling bearings and so on.

Although non-standard fastener are expensive, they are only applicable to one product. But also can not block the current screw fastener industry market, the company customized non-standard screw needs.

If you need to customize non standard screw fastener, please contact us.

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