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Steel and Steel manufacturing units or plants are greatly associated with Fasteners. Initially, they support and contribute in the manufacturing of the Fasteners by supplying required amount of steel in it and then they bring in use a variety of fasteners of different types, sizes and qualities for the machines and tools used in the steel plant.

When we talk about a fastener, we can term it as a hardware tool that automatically connects or joins two or more equipment’s together. This hardware tool is something which can be which can be easily fitted in and detached easily with the help of a hand tool or power tool. Fasteners generally consist of screws, bolts, nuts and rivets. The Name Bolts and screws hasn’t been given to these fasteners just because of their specifications, it’s been given to them because of their applications. Therefore, the same fastener can be called a bolt or a screw depending on its usage on a certain machine or equipment. If we talk about the general definitions, Bolts are termed as headed fasteners consisting external threads that gather a challenging, consistent thread requirement so as they would only get fitted with a non-tapered nut. On the other hand, Screws are headed; externally-threaded fasteners that don’t get fitted with a non-tapered nut and are usually get fitted into the material they generally hold.

Types of Fasteners


When we talk about the standard purposes of the fasteners, we divide that into two categories:

  • De-attaching for examination and restoration purpose.
  • (ii) Standard design, where a produce comprises of a number of sub-assemblies.


The Most common types of Fasteners are:

  • Nuts and bolts which allows the parts to be quickly detached without impacting the fastener.
  • Cotter Pins, where the parts can be de assembled, but some damage would be done to the fastener.
  • Long-lasting type where the parts can never be de-attached e.g. rivets and welding of fasteners.

Fasteners are intended to be made generally for a sole purpose of compressing two parts together. While they are not meant to place parts connected to one another, they are also not suppose to work as pivots, axles and fulcrums.

Fasteners are a good to know subject in itself, doesn’t matter whether you are indulged in manufacturing or dealing about the same or not. Still, if you want to know more about Fasteners and how they impact our lives in a better way, everydayclick here!


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  1. Victoria Addington

    It helped when you mentioned that fasteners are designed to compress two parts together. My friend told me that their parts need fasteners. I should advise him to look for a supplier that holds a wide inventory of fasteners.

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